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Pre and Chodesh Tishrei
By Shternie W.

Boy time flies when you’re having fun! We have been so busy growing, learning, and achieving since our last update. Boruch Hashem the classes and programs have continued to provide as with vital knowledge and inspiration. The teachers really make it their priority to teach in a practical way so we can apply it to our lives. Mrs. Althaus, one of our wonderful Bayis Yehudi teachers allowed us to enact a Tznius fashion show. This really allowed us to see that Tznius could and should be beautiful. Additionally, Rabbi Krasnjanski instils within us a deep love for Chassidus and the Rebbe through his teachings and riveting stories. By the end of each week we go in to Shabbos, feeling one step higher than the week before, from all the knowledge and inspiration we received that week. When we go to our respective Shabbos meals, we love to share a Parsha thought that we learnt from Rabbi Broh, or a concept from a Sicha that we learn with Rabbi Tenenbaum or on our own during our wonderful daily chavrusa learning. There truly is no limit to what we can share with others. Boruch Hashem we are provided with many interesting concepts from all our teachers. As time goes on we will introduce you to all of them.

Additionally, Leah, our amazing and devoted dorm counsellor organizes fun- tochendik programs. We have lunch program every Tuesday, where we focus on something important for that week. Usually it is something that connects to the parsha, but sometimes it will be a beautiful activity to enhance the dorm atmosphere. Additionally each Tuesday evening after classes Rabbi Tenenbaum gives a Hiskashrus shiur. It’s so beautiful to see how many girls are so eager to learn more even late at night.  We also eagerly attend and love Rebbe time, which takes place every Wednesday evening. It is one hour a week where everything stops, nothing else is important other than connecting to the Rebbe. We often read a letter, watch a video, or discuss what it means to be a chossid in our times. We truly leave inspired and uplifted.  Additionally, every Sunday we have an instructor come and do Zumba with us, and on Monday we play basketball. Our weeks are truly packed with incredible things. Along with all the amazing classes and programs from Leah, each of us continues to learn with our Beth Rivkah chavrusah. We are learning that the phrase, “Teachers learn more from their students than the students learn from them”, is true. We end off our week with a Farbrengen on Thursday, Friday Mivtzoim to the Old Age Homes, and our Chabad Youth responsibility, whether it is Mishmor or Mesiba Shabbos.

The Melbourne community hosted Rabbi Shais Taub for a week, and we were lucky enough to have him come speak to us. He discussed with us the concept of Chachma and how it then develops into Bina and Daas. He particularly connected it to the idea of addictions and how our bodies deal with it. We gained a lot from the session we had with him. This year many of us had a very different Elul- Tishrei experience. For most, it was the first time we were away from home for Yom Tov. But, have no fear; OC made it one for the books. We started off Elul with an uplifting bang. Leah encouraged us to take part in a beautiful Hachanah for Rosh Hashana that she introduced to us by a Melava Malka hosted by our very own Rabbi Tenenbaum and family. Each day after our morning Chassidus class we were given one small task for us to do to enhance that day. Some days it was learning for an extra few minutes, while others it was giving extra tzedaka, or smiling to a stranger. They were simple thing, but ones that really made difference.  After the hachanah was completed we were treated to a Sunday out.  We took a beautiful bike ride along the scenic Yarra River. We loved being together as a group and felt good about what we had accomplished.  The Shabbos of Chai Elul was an in Shabbos, and we hosted Rabbi Jacks and his family for Friday night. We enjoyed the delicious food that our dorm mates made and farbrenged with Rabbi, Jacks. He focused on what it really means to be an Akeres Habayit, and the beautiful aspects of marriage.

The Motzei Shabbos before Rosh Hashanah we pulled off a gorgeous pre slichos event for the high school. It was so amazing to see that just last year we were in high school attending programs made for us, and now here we are making them for others. Fast forward and it’s Erev Rosh Hashanah.  Leah, once again had and incredible program up her sleeve. We had a small lesson on what tefila really means, wrote heartfelt panim, and watched Tishrei with the Rebbe. While watching, we really got to understand and experience what Tishrei was like when the Rebbe was alive, B’guf. It was truly beautiful, and eye opening.  Up next was Yom kipur. Many girls went and helped Shluchim in the area run their programs and those that stayed in the dorm were provided with a homey pre fast meal and beautiful davening in one of our local shuls. For Vav Tishrei Leah once again organized a great program. We gathered in OCLC (Our school building) and had a tea party. We watched some cute clips of what it means to be a mother and a role model. We were given pocket mirrors to decorate and write an inspirational quote of something that we want to think about or aspire to be. We learnt about Rebbetzin Chana on a deeper level and took away points on areas we can grow in, after the program Mrs. Miri Lipskar brought her guitar and we sang niggunim and discussed relevant ideas that connected to Rebbetzin Chana and motherhood. One Thursday Kalman Rubin came to farbreng with us. He is a well-known Psychologist and had a lot to offer. He showed us how Science does not contradict with torah, and gave us tips on how to treat ourselves and others. It was interesting to see a new perspective on torah and life issues. Another week we were inspired by Rabbi Deren, and his discussion on Moshiach. 

Sukkos in Melbourne was drastically different than what most girls were used to, but immensely enjoyable and uplifting. We started off by having a great Farbrengen with Rabbi Arenstein from South Africa Erev Yom Tov. We got to hear stories of our rebbeim and discuss what it means to be a chassid nowadays. We all had Sukka hoping and Talucha with our High school bnos grades. Additionally, we provided the high school with a super fun Simchas Bais Hashoeiva event, and helped out by the community Sukkos event which took place at the local amusement park. However, our sukkos involved much more. We had our own dorm bonfire and Kumzitz, where we sang seder niggunim, and said inspirational stories. Additionally, we were lucky enough to be taken on a fun Chol Hamoed trip. We went ropes-coursing, ziplining, and tubing by a gorgeous outdoor tree climbing location. We had such a blast. On the way home we stopped by gorgeous beach, and scenic look out locations. We came home in high spirits.


New Group 5775
By Shternie W.



WOW. Just wow!! We are all totally speechless from having just experienced our first week in OC. From the moment we got off the plane our jaws have been by our ankles! We landed, and we were greeted personally by Rabbi T in the airport. We then all piled into the chartered bus and excitedly drove along a scenic route to our dorm. We were not only greeted by the delicious aromas of our lunch made by our dear cook, Mrs. Lobenstein, but also by our loving dorm Mommy (Mrs. Groner) and our AMAZINGLY COOL dorm counsellor leah, aka Pesh/Peshy. After filling out bellies with the delicious and nutritious lunch off we went to explore our new home away from home. “It’s so big, and clean”, “The showers are amazing”, “The beds are so comfy”, and “The closets are so spacious” were all you could hear. As girls this seriously excited us!!   We then had the rest of the day to unpack and organize ourselves. The next day, we all enjoyed the time we had to unpack and become acquainted with our surroundings as we were given a tour of all the Yeshivah Centre facilities and the local Jewish shopping area. Later that day we had orientation, and were informed about all the exciting projects and classes we would be immersed in.

That Shabbos, we had a joint Friday night meal, graciously hosted by our caring and kind Aim Habayis. Mrs. Groner went above and beyond to make us feel and experience the comforts of home. It was truly a beautiful meal. Shabbos day allowed us to really get to experience the Hachnasas Orchim that the Melbourne community has. We were spread out amongst different families, and were thrilled with the positive attention we got. Later on in the afternoon we had a beautiful gathering to meet the high school girls. After an incredibly busy Shabbos, we had a fun “Get to know 12th grade” party. It was a great opportunity to meet all these new girls, most of whom will be joining us IMYH in January. We all ended week one thinking that if this was any indication as to what our year will be like, well we were quite possibly the luckiest bunch out there!



Week two started off with a bang. We were completely immersed in the incredible classes that OC has to offer. From Chassidus before Davening with our very own Leah to all our insightful classes we really felt the heat and loved every minute! Additionally we were introduced to a lunch program with Leah that takes place every Tuesday. It is a time for us to sit together and focus on something deemed important whether it be how to make the atmosphere in the house more pleasant or what does Chodesh Elul mean to us as individuals. However, the highlight of our week might just be Rebbe time. Every Wednesday after evening classes we take half an hour to really focus on our Connection to the Rebbe, but not just in a typical way, but rather something meaningful and everlasting.

On Monday we paid the Chabad Youth building a visit. There we met with Rabbi Moshe and Dina Kahn as well as Rabbi Menachem and Miri Lipskar, all of whom are the directors. We had the opportunity to get to know them and their programs that would eventually become ours. Additionally, we had a highly enjoyable farbrengan with our very own Rabbi T. We were all given the opportunity to open up and allow ourselves to feel present, and really connect to the subject at hand. The intense week of learning ended off magically. Rabbi and Mrs. Lipskar took us on an incredibly uplifting Shabbaton to the scenic Philip Island. It was there that we all got fully acquainted and learnt important skills that our future youth involvement would require. The workshops were incredibly practical and the Farbrengens were insightful and meaningful. And the incredible landscape wasn’t too bad! Over all it was definitely an experience that will never be forgotten.



Week three brought about our first full week of learning. It was great to finally say we met all the amazing teachers. Having gotten a taste of each class, we can all say with confidence that the teachers and subject matter are even better than what we expected – and our expectations were high! We are so blessed and lucky, I mean we have 15 teachers yet every single one is incredible and interesting with an abundance of knowledge to share with us! This week we also got to have out first Hishkashrus Shiur with Rabbi T. It isn’t mandatory but rather a personal choice if we wish to attend. It was a very beautiful experience to be able to learn in an intimate setting about something so applicable as Chassidishe girls.  Our Weekly Farbrengen was hosted by Chaya Gurary. It was so nice to have a fresh perspective, and hear good advice and ideas.  This week we started our chavrusa learning with our elementary students. It’s such a great time to feel connected with the children on a more tochendike way. Both the students and the OC girls love it!

Additionally, we started our Friday Mivtzoim visits to the nursing homes. The patients really enjoy and value the time we spend with them, and we leave feeling very accomplished. This week we also got appointed to our Chabad youth jobs, and this Shabbos was the first week of Bnos.  The OC madrichas went to school to socialize and encourage their grades to attend bnos. Both the Madrichas and the classes had a great time, both physically and spiritually at the bnos!

In honor of Rosh Chodesh, OC took a trip. We enjoyed being out in the beautiful nature. We had to take pictures of us acting out a skit that connected to Elul. We also got to relax and sit back with delicious ice cream! Additionally we had our first Torah and Tea. We have plans to make it a bi-monthly event. It is particularly beautiful because it is just us, and we get to really open up and run our own show. This week we were all hosted Friday night by the hospitable Rabbi Moshe and Dina Kahn. We were filled with delicious food, laughter, and inspiration to tackle the upcoming year. It was truly a fantastic week.



What another amazing week we had! The classes were as usual amazing! We really love learning Gemarah taught by Rabbi Hilel. It’s exciting to learn it, as most of us haven’t learnt it before. On Thursday, we were privileged to host Rabbi Kaltman, Shliach to Ohio. His humour really piqued our interest and allowed us to be open to all he had to say. After hearing some of his experiences, we all felt that Shlichus might just be one step closer to us than we thought. This week Mishmor kicked off! The dedicated OC girls worked so hard planning and organising their programs. Thank god it was a massive success, the kids were over the moon, and excited to learn in the fun way that was planned. This week our weekly farbrengan was run by Mrs. Blesofsky. It was particularly special because we were joined by some other girls not from OC. They really added to the atmosphere, and allowed it to flourish into something special. The week ended off with our weekly Mivtzoim, and a lovely Shabbos meals hosted by various families.

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